April 30th, A New Paradigm of Sacred Realtionships

Dave’s Guests; Shara Summers, Dale Pathe and Penny Genter Discuss How We are Moving into a New Paradigm of Relationships.

Dear Folks,  There was a miscommunication between Sierra and myself.  Because she was gone for 4 weeks we decided it was her turn to have the program on April 30th.  We will schedule this program for a later date.

Click her to enter the radio program:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/sierra-neblina/2013/05/01/lets-talk-2013-and-beyond

Dale Pathe and Shara SummersShara Summers is a spiritual coach, author, trainer, humanitarian and film producer.  She has spent the last 30 years on her personal quest to discover Universal Truths  Her mission is to empower and inspire people to freely live their lives with an abundance of joy, love, peace and gratitude.

Dr. Dale Pathe is a metaphysical counselor, spiritual teacher and healer.  He received his Doctorate in Metaphysical counseling in 2000 from the University of Metaphysics in Sedona.  He has performed activations and received on sacred sites around the world in Egypt, Israel, Machu Pichu, India and South Africa.  In 2010 he wrote a book called “Master U” where he outlined and simplified his channeled downloads into a succinct 3 step process.

He’s been teaching and counseling individuals and couples to successfully apply and practice these spiritual truths, helping them access and learn to trust their own Higher wisdom.

After successfully meeting each other on an online spiritual dating site,  Shara and Dale have spent the last 3 years co-creating their Divine partnership and Sacred Union.

They combined their individual work and refined their focus on developing Divine partnership processes releasing old patterns, belief systems, emotional pain, at the same time deepening the love, respect, trust and connection to each partner.

Together they work as a unified team bringing the balance of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine to empower and teach their clients how to utilize and ultimately master the art of co-creating Sacred Union and Divine Partnership., They can work with each individual in relationship or work with couples collectively.

PennyPenny Genter describes herself as a channeler and writer.  Her book, “2013……Blueprint for a New Paradigm,” is a collection of readings from Archangels Metatron, Raziel and others.  It is available in E-book format fon her website.

But she also has a special talent in understanding reincarnation.  She is the founder of the Magdalene Circle of Sedona.  This Circle consists of current day individuals who lived together during the time of Christ and Mary Magdalene.  This was a unique soul family of another era whom many appear to be coming back to the Sedona area in this lifetime.  This program is an extension of last week’s discussion with Genii Townsend and the city of light.  We are now seeing many of this soul family coming back together, reuniting for the coming City of Light here in Sedona.

Penny was also Dave’s guest on the March 5th program describing Magdalene Circle of Sedona.

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April 23rd; Understanding Your Sense of Intuition, Feelings and Emotions

Understanding Intuition As the Language of the Soul

Intuition is that inner knowing, that voice we hear within.  It is the language of the soul that speaks to us through our feelings.  It is what gives us that inner sense of guidance.  At times it can be confusing and hard to trust.  This new age is being called the age of intuition.  As we learn to live form that place we begin to discover the life of wonder and amazement.  Tune in this week as Dave discusses this topic and invites callers to share their ideas and comments.  He also defines and explains the difference between feelings and emotions, a topic commonly misunderstood.

Click here for the radio program live at 6pm or to listen to the archive later:


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April 16th, Guest Jeri Castronova, Phd, Spiritual Psychologist and Award Winning Author

Jeri Castronova Brings a Lifetime of Experience in Professional Psychology and Spiritual Awareness

JeriEgypt_cropped Jeri Castronova, Phd is a Spiritual Psychologist,   Award-winning Author, Artist, Healer, and World Traveler, with 30 years experience in the healing arts. She brings a multi-faceted approach to her presentations and books that has touched thousands across a broad spectrum of spiritual seekers, and has appeared in numerous TV, radio, and print interviews.

Click here for the radio show link:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/sierra-neblina/2013/04/17/lets-talk-2013-and-beyond

 She has worked with the severely mentally ill forensic population designing treatment plans and training psychology  interns. She has treated individuals and groups with traditional and alternate therapeutic means, including energy healing, art and poetry therapy, mythic journeys, and past life regression for greater integration of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Her studies of Jungian psychology at UCLA sparked an interest in the Divine Feminine, the continuing thread in all her books.
Jeri is the founder of the Mastery Grid Game Board, the new self-awareness tool for claiming timelines that have been experienced on the ancient playing field known as the Game Board of Human Existence. First presented to her by Ascended Master Thoth in the second book of her mystical thriller trilogy, Quest for the Emerald Tablets: The Secret of Alchemist Gold, she was led to understand its true purpose throughout the writing of that book and the following—Symbols of the Grid: Matrix of Mastery, which brought a new awareness of the lives of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.
 “You have the talent, the words, the voice, and the heart. It’s time to Claim your Power. It’s time to Speak your Truth. If more and more women do this, the rebirth of the Divine Feminine will be felt across the planet.” These are the words of Isis when she assigned Jeri the task of writing a Guide to the Golden Age and exploring ancient matriarchal consciousness sites. The Goddess and the Game Board was the result, with messages from Isis, Osiris, Ra, Jesus, Mary Magdalene,  Archangels Michael and Metatron, Mother Mary, and other Ascended Masters.
 We are being called to recall our past glorious lives when true Light and Freedom could shine forth without fear. Told in a fictional context, the trilogy is a compilation of specific lifetimes in mystery schools, as well as current studies with modern spiritual masters—Drunvalo Melchizedek, Swami Muktenanda, Rosalyn Bruyere, and mystical experiences with the Lemurians at Mt. Shasta and Hawaii; Jeshua and Mary Magdalene in Glastonbury; Isis, Osiris, and Thoth in Egypt.
 The rebirth of the Divine Feminine is happening NOW. Women and men are awakening to their innate power of Love, Compassion, Freedom, and the New Reality. As Isis reminds us:  The veils are lifting ~ You are all Masters of the Game Board.
 To order books, readings, and for more information:  www.jericastronova.com
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April 9th; Dave and His Experience with the Discovery Channel in Sedona

Discovery Channel is Filming a Series on UFO Activity in the Sedona Area.

The Discovery Channel will be doing a 6 part series on UFO and alien activity in America.  It will be a part of the Animal Kingdom TV program and will air in June and July.  One of the segments is being filmed in Sedona this week.  Dave took part in a group discussion on April 8th and then was asked to have a private meeting with the program director this morning, April 9th.  After a 1 1/2 meeting, the director asked Dave to return for one-on-one filming to be a part of the national TV series this summer.  Dave discusses his experience with the group and what he may be anticipating in the upcoming filming segments later this week.

Part of Dave’s invitation was due to the video he captured in Feb. of a starship in the Sedona-Cottonwood area.

Here’s the short starship/UFO video Dave captured.


Here’s the link to the radio program:


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April 2, 2013, Money and it’s Impact. Breaking Free from the 1% Gridlock

How Money Impacts Our Daily Lives as So Many of Us are Trapped by the Gridlock of the Wealthy 1%

Money and how we use/spend it is such a sensitive issue.  Yet, for decades we have been entrapped to unconsciously supporting the wealthy 1% with our daily spending habits.

For some this program may seem controversial.  It is not my intent to produce a commercial, but to tell a story of how some of us are choosing to leave the old system and support each other with our daily use of money and resources.

Part of our ascension process is breaking free from the old 3D paradigm in our commercial based society.  Dave interviews his friend Tonya Ozone as she describes her journey in becoming financially free from the power and impact of the wealthy 1%.

Isn’t it time for all of us to declare our freedom from such slavery, become free to pursue our life dreams and help others in the process?  Money and finances have such an impact on our everyday lives.

Here’s a story how Tonya and her husband made that transition to emotional and financial freedom.  They left the “successful rat race culture” and now live in Hawaii, living off the energy grid using solar power for their home, running a successful home based business and producing a green based eco-farm of organic products.  They are moving into a balanced lifestyle of experiencing the true definition of a life of abundance.

Click here for the blog talk radio link:


You may contact Dave personally at dave.lightyear@hotmail.com

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The Process and Symptoms of Ascension on March 26th

Sierra Neblina

Sierra Neblina

This Week Sierra will follow up from last weeks program.  Ascension, its symptoms and the process will be her discussion point.  Join her at 6pm/PT 9pm/ET for an interesting discussion.  To join the program live call in at 646-478-3085 .

Click here to listen to the program live or later in the archived version.


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March 19, 2013, Sierra and her Guest Discuss the Experiences and Symptons of the Ascesnion Process

Sierra Neblina

Sierra Neblina

Dave will be gone this week, so in Tuesday’s show Sierra will invite you to participate in an intimate moment between her and a client, who is working to increase his connection with his guides.  Sierra will give an introduction and talk about how we, Lightworkers and newly awakened, work to better ourselves and our journey on the this great planet during such an important time in history.

Click here to join the program live at 6pmPT-9pm ET or listen later to the archived version.


or call in at 646-478-3085.

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