April 2, 2013, Money and it’s Impact. Breaking Free from the 1% Gridlock

How Money Impacts Our Daily Lives as So Many of Us are Trapped by the Gridlock of the Wealthy 1%

Money and how we use/spend it is such a sensitive issue.  Yet, for decades we have been entrapped to unconsciously supporting the wealthy 1% with our daily spending habits.

For some this program may seem controversial.  It is not my intent to produce a commercial, but to tell a story of how some of us are choosing to leave the old system and support each other with our daily use of money and resources.

Part of our ascension process is breaking free from the old 3D paradigm in our commercial based society.  Dave interviews his friend Tonya Ozone as she describes her journey in becoming financially free from the power and impact of the wealthy 1%.

Isn’t it time for all of us to declare our freedom from such slavery, become free to pursue our life dreams and help others in the process?  Money and finances have such an impact on our everyday lives.

Here’s a story how Tonya and her husband made that transition to emotional and financial freedom.  They left the “successful rat race culture” and now live in Hawaii, living off the energy grid using solar power for their home, running a successful home based business and producing a green based eco-farm of organic products.  They are moving into a balanced lifestyle of experiencing the true definition of a life of abundance.

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You may contact Dave personally at dave.lightyear@hotmail.com

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One Response to April 2, 2013, Money and it’s Impact. Breaking Free from the 1% Gridlock

  1. John B Hicks says:

    dave love and light to you and our fellow light workers please send me information about lightyear marketing at jbhicks4129@yahoo.com thank you my soul brother

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