Let’s Talk 2013 and Beyond is an interactive radio show where you can call in to ask questions that pertain to the ascension, disclosure, NESARA, and the Golden Age of Gaia. Join Dave and Sierra weekly for insights … on this most important time in human history. Dave brings his years of experience in ministry and time as a State Senator, and Sierra brings her Walk-In and Galatic perspectives. Join us live at 6 pm PT/ 9pm ET every Tuesday evening with your questions or listen to our archives during non-live hours at      http://www.blogtalkradio.com/sierra-neblina.


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  1. Andrea says:

    I have followed your show on blogtalk for several months now—almost since the beginning. I have heard several comments about Pope Benedict being in confinement and it was best he step down. After watching the tv coverage of the newly elected Pope Francis I do believe we may be looking at a light worker. Listening to the specific prayers for Benedict–“our Father” and “Hail Mary” makes sense when you take in the words to each prayer. Also the fact that he took the name Francis. St. Francis prayer is “Make me a channel (instrument) of your peace. Where there is darkness let there be light”. These were the observations that popped out at me within a few short minutes of watching the coverage.

    Love the show. Great Job you two.


    • letstalk2013 says:

      Thanks Andrea,

      Likewise, I so appreciate what you do for the yahoo discussion group. Your replys are wonderful! Today’s post about the new Pope is interesting. It mentions he is a walk-in as his old soul left and the new one is a lightworker.

  2. Christine Preston says:

    To Sierra, I want to say that the fact that you have shared the story of the attack upon you and your ship is greatly appreciated. It is fascinating too, and I hope you will be able to give us some updates on developments. Take great care too! Christine

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