April 30th, A New Paradigm of Sacred Realtionships

Dave’s Guests; Shara Summers, Dale Pathe and Penny Genter Discuss How We are Moving into a New Paradigm of Relationships.

Dear Folks,  There was a miscommunication between Sierra and myself.  Because she was gone for 4 weeks we decided it was her turn to have the program on April 30th.  We will schedule this program for a later date.

Click her to enter the radio program:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/sierra-neblina/2013/05/01/lets-talk-2013-and-beyond

Dale Pathe and Shara SummersShara Summers is a spiritual coach, author, trainer, humanitarian and film producer.  She has spent the last 30 years on her personal quest to discover Universal Truths  Her mission is to empower and inspire people to freely live their lives with an abundance of joy, love, peace and gratitude.

Dr. Dale Pathe is a metaphysical counselor, spiritual teacher and healer.  He received his Doctorate in Metaphysical counseling in 2000 from the University of Metaphysics in Sedona.  He has performed activations and received on sacred sites around the world in Egypt, Israel, Machu Pichu, India and South Africa.  In 2010 he wrote a book called “Master U” where he outlined and simplified his channeled downloads into a succinct 3 step process.

He’s been teaching and counseling individuals and couples to successfully apply and practice these spiritual truths, helping them access and learn to trust their own Higher wisdom.

After successfully meeting each other on an online spiritual dating site,  Shara and Dale have spent the last 3 years co-creating their Divine partnership and Sacred Union.

They combined their individual work and refined their focus on developing Divine partnership processes releasing old patterns, belief systems, emotional pain, at the same time deepening the love, respect, trust and connection to each partner.

Together they work as a unified team bringing the balance of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine to empower and teach their clients how to utilize and ultimately master the art of co-creating Sacred Union and Divine Partnership., They can work with each individual in relationship or work with couples collectively.

PennyPenny Genter describes herself as a channeler and writer.  Her book, “2013……Blueprint for a New Paradigm,” is a collection of readings from Archangels Metatron, Raziel and others.  It is available in E-book format fon her website.

But she also has a special talent in understanding reincarnation.  She is the founder of the Magdalene Circle of Sedona.  This Circle consists of current day individuals who lived together during the time of Christ and Mary Magdalene.  This was a unique soul family of another era whom many appear to be coming back to the Sedona area in this lifetime.  This program is an extension of last week’s discussion with Genii Townsend and the city of light.  We are now seeing many of this soul family coming back together, reuniting for the coming City of Light here in Sedona.

Penny was also Dave’s guest on the March 5th program describing Magdalene Circle of Sedona.

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