Energetic Shifts Happening Within Us!!!, March 12th Program

Dave and Sierra Will Discuss the Current and Upcoming Energetic Shifts In and Around Us!!!

In the last 7-10 days there have a number of posts/messages about an energetic shift coming our way with the Spring Equinox on March 21st-22nd.  While we have been in the midst of large energy shifts/downloads since Dec. 21st, they is supposedly a new wave coming with the new equinox.  Some even saying that most of the old 3D energy will be going away.  What does that mean for us, what can we expect coming our way is the topic Dave and Sierra will be discussing.

Join us live at 6pm PT/9pm ET to share your thoughts or ask your questions.

Click here for the radio program:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/sierra-neblina/2013/03/13/lets-talk

Program Summary

Let’s Talk 2013 and Beyond, Tuesday, March 12, 2013

00:00 – 15:30: Sierra shares details on her recent 2-week trip. Sierra talks about importance of love in one’s life and future retreat she’s planning. Sierra shares new features of her upcoming new website. Dave talks about new show website. Dave reiterated highlights of the shows from the last three weeks.

15:30 – 24:54: Dave & Sierra discuss the recent energies coming in & relate it to the upcoming March 21st Spring Equinox. Sierra shares information on upcoming energy portals, what to expect & how to deal with it.

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Penny Genter, Our Guest on March 5th

Preview of the 3-5-13 “Let’s Talk 2013 and Beyond” radio program.

PennyOur guest this week on Let’s Talk 2013 and Beyond is Penny Genter.  For those of you who attended the recent gathering in Sedona, Penny was present but had to leave at the break.  Below is the link to the radio program.


She describes herself as a channeler and writer.  Her book, “2013……Blueprint for a New Paradigm,” is a collection of readings from Archangels Metatron, Raziel and others.  It is available in E-book format fon her website.

But she also has a special talent in understanding reincarnation.  She is the founder of the Magdalene Circle of Sedona.  This Circle consists of current day individuals who lived together during the time of Christ and Mary Magdalene.  This was a unique soul family of another era whom many appear to be coming back to the Sedona area in this lifetime.  This program is an extension of last week’s discussion with Genii Townsend and the city of light.  We are now seeing many of this soul family coming back together, reuniting for the coming City of Light here in Sedona.

Here’s the Jeshua/Magdelene genealogy chart Penny has developed.

Penny’s website is found here:  http://magdalenecirclesedona.org/

Join us live at 6pm PT/9pm ET and share your thoughts or ask your questions for another interesting week of The Sedona Connection on Let’s Talk 2013 and Beyond.




Let’s Talk 2013 & Beyond

Tuesday, 03/05/2013

00:00 – 05:28: Dave announces new website: letstalk2013andbeyond.com and talks about content of website.

05:28 – 11:00: Dave introduces special guest Penny Genter, of the Magdalene Circle of Sedona. Dave and Penny share how they met and their very special first meeting.  Continue reading

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